Our Services

As we are subject matter experts in a number of key areas, we can keep our costs low; our goal is to provide an affordable premium service that gives you truly independent support and direction.

Virtual and traditional consultancy

Making expert advice available to you when and how you need it.

As information security, strategy, privacy, and improvement specialists, we focus on properly understanding your risks and assessing strategic options based on your organisational objectives. 

We support better decision making and drive rapid improvement.

Our strength is our experience and knowledge of hundreds of organisations who provide tools and services to support all industries, we can act on your behalf to review and source the best choices from your brief. We will undertake due diligence and provide you with recommendations, enabling you to make informed decisions and stay within the scope of your budget.

Organisational Triage

We will provide an independent and objective assessment of your organisation. 

This will provide you with a report on key observations, potential business risks and a number of key recommendations. 

This valuable service enables you to take stock of the ‘as is’ state, sense check and review any recommendations to help resolve identified issues.

During these challenging times and again over long periods, businesses need to adapt and occasionally this creates gaps in policy, process and increases risk.  This can also have a significant impact on achieving your business objectives. 

Ideally, the visit should be unannounced (or restricted knowledge) to ensure that the observations are a true reflection of the current state.


We are highly experienced educators, we can build and deliver full training programs from presentations and seminars to supplying content for internal CBT systems. As SME’s in a number of key areas including improvement methodologies, conflict resolution, policy and procedure, information security and continuous improvement we can build you individual programs specific to your needs.

All our programs deliver the required metrics for management. For example compliance purposes

Part time or Virtual CISO

Whilst some organisations have an IT security lead many organisations have realised that they need an officer focusing on strategy and metrics, however they do not need this function on a full-time basis. The CISO will know your risk and express them clearly, stick to facts and be the liaison between the technical teams and business.

A virtual or part time CISO will optimize your security strategy, executive communications, and leadership.

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